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The benefits of doing dangerous goods check electronically

The benefits of doing dangerous goods check electronically

Posted by: Paanukoski Egor
Category: Released new features

Export air cargo shipments often contain dangerous goods, which always need to be checked by the cargo handler before accepting it for the flight in accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods regulation (DGR). The old school practice has been to pull standard or airline-specific paper version DG check-list and start putting pen to paper – a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

However, with Qstep special module – Qlist – any general or airlines´ specific DG checklists can be completed digitally on any tablet device. Moreover, forwarding agents will be notified via automated email about completed DG check, whether accepted or declined and with images of evidence enclosed.

We believe that automatic notification of the agent upon DG check completion is a crucial element in keeping the supply chain informed on whether the dangerous cargo is good to fly or not.

Moreover, performing DG check or re-check in the Qlist app will automatically generate invoicing data to be later included into billing, so, again, no extra time or paper wasted on important formalities with efficiency also increased.

The Qlist app is already in use in most of the air cargo hubs where Qstep is deployed, and we believe that it soon becomes a common practice that DG checks are performed only electronically industry-wide.

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