Qstep air cargo handling platform is integrated with government-, airline- and other air cargo community systems. WEB-based cargo management system provides a comprehensive suite of e-services offering access anytime, anywhere to registered users through the secure protocol internet. This gives greater flexibility, enhances transparency and enables the most up-to-date information to be taken into account when making critical decisions.



The key to Qstep software is efficiency, thus most processes are automated.

Human interaction is as little as possible and most data is exchanged via machines.

Click on the topics to view details on specific modules:

Create Import Flight

  • Create new flight record from imported FFM
  • Integration with airport realtime schedule
  • Automated ICS functionality
  • Automatic forwarding of import FFMs to the Customs
  • Print Transfer Manifest
  • Send MVT or STM message

Register AWB information of the shipment

  • Import AWB data from FWB message
  • Status messages are sent automatically in real-time
  • Consol break-down function to HAWB level

Warehouse operation

  • Insert number of received pieces/weight from PDA
  • Assign storage area/zone from PDA
  • Create damage or irregularity reports from PDA
  • Take images of damages with PDA


  • Send notice of arrival by e-mail
  • Notification receipt tracking function
  • Send FSU with status event NFD


  • Insert required customs information (country specific customized) manually or import from file
  • Invoice to consignee (manual and/or automated bulk invoicing)
  • Credit control
  • Delete from storage inventory and free up area/place
  • Send FSU with status event DLV (delivered).

Warehouse inventory

  • Display or print warehouse inventory providing selection by airline, consignee, storage time, storage area and customs status

Mail from flight handling

  • Pieces and weight input of mail received from flight
  • Scan mail receptacle data into system
  • Create Mail Transfer Manifest
  • Mail delivery

Warehouse check in

  • Check in (piececount, weight, dimensions) with PDA
  • Automated FSU FOH to airline
  • Import data from FWB
  • Automated ECS functionality with OMF
  • Send FSU RCS or RCT


  • Assign security information from PDA


  • Display/print warehouse inventory and storage history


  • Assign AWB to flight automatically, based on FBL info
  • Remove AWB from flight (with SSPD or OFLD message when applicable)
  • Create part shipments
  • Assign AWB or part of it to ULD
  • Print manifests
  • Create pallet (ULD) tag

Loading the flight or ULD (warehouse)

  • Assign AWB or part of it to the flight or ULD from PDA
  • Confirm flight complete with PDA
  • Send “flight complete” message to ramp from PDA
  • Release flight to ramp and obtain hand over signature in PDA

Closing of flight

  • Automatic and manual FFM including NIL
  • Forwarding of export FFMs to the Customs
  • Send FSU DEP
  • Send MVT or STM message
  • Storing ULDs from import flights
  • Assigning ULDs to export flights
  • ULD stock management
  • Sending ULD related messages: UCM, SCM, UWS

Cargo-IMP messaging system

  • Easily customizable message engine (Q-MENG)
  • Specific individual set of messages and parameters can be set up for different carriers
  • Messages via SITA or/and by e-mail
  • Free-text telex sending interface
  • Solid logging of sended/received messages

Send the following electronic messages:

  • FFM – Electronic Flight Manifest
  • FWB – Air Waybill Data
  • FHL – House Waybill Data
  • FSU ‐ Status Update with following event codes:
    • FOH Freight On Hand
    • RCS Received Cargo from Shipper
    • MAN Manifested on Flight
    • DEP Departed on Flight
    • RCF Received Cargo from Flight
    • DIS Discrepancy
    • NFD Consignee Notified
    • AWD Air Waybill delivered
    • DLV Delivered to Consignee
    • RCT Received Cargo in Transit
    • TFD Transferred to another Carrier
    • SSPD Shortshipped
    • MSCA Missing Cargo
    • FDCA Found Cargo

The system offers customized statistics. Below are some of the most frequent statistics

Tonnage handled: import, export and transit

  • Cargo
  • Mail

Real time inventory report

Customized reports for carriers and customs authorities

KPI for export and import

Automated invoices (also bulk) to:

  • Consignees
  • Shippers/agents
  • Carriers (different payers can be set for import and export flight)
  • 3rd parties

Communication with customers:

Q-client – an intranet access for customers / agents

  • Import shipments management (real time / history)
  • Export shipments management (MRN data submission, FWB/FHL messages)

Arrival noties to consignee by e-mail on arrival containing links to:

  • arrival note, on MAWB or/and HAWB level
  • AWB (system generated file from FWB message)
  • damage report
  • images taken by warehouse

POA (power of attorney) management:

  • All POA’s recorded in the system with it’s validity
  • Arrival notes delivered to authoriser and person authorised automatically
  • Due date automated messaging
  • Authorized party unlinked from authorizer once POA outdated

Credit control

  • Credit monitoring
  • Disable delivery for clients with debts
  • Reminder e-mail from the system


After a time consuming decision making process, our company made the switch from our previously used software to Qstep. Before committing to Qstep, I had concerns about the out of pocket expense, return on investment and was worried that my staff would have difficulties learning how to navigate the new system. For us additional challenge was to remove paper out of terminal and replace it with PDA’s. After rollout we were pleasantly surprised to discover how intuitive and easy to learn software Qstep is and that paper has no place in the warehouse anymore. What pleases me most is the outcome from the savings achieved from the restructuring of our organization. I would recommend Qstep to any handler looking to streamline and simplify their processes.
Saulius Batavičius CEO, Litcargus
As a newcomer to the market we were looking for partner with innovative solutions and ideas compared to existing players in Helsinki airport. Q-step felt right partner from the beginning as their concept had all the necessary bits and pieces in place. Starting from intuitive user interface and customer extranet access to fully automated invoicing, which literally enables to save cost in labor. We couldn’t find similar offering in the market.
Jouni Ritola Director, ASR