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Qstep in eEstonia
Category: News
E-Estonia lists Qstep among service providers in the area of mobility and transportation, one of the eight building blocks of e-Estonia solutions. A basic ingredient of any success...
Category: Opinion
(the article first appeared in LinkedIn  on 26 05 2020) In today´s world, every business seems to be building digital ecosystems immediately targeting multiple regions and even con...
Category: Opinion
Like any other business segment, supply chain logistics has been hit very hard by the Covid-19 pandemics. If top management thought that laying off the front and the back office co...
Category: Opinion
As shopping online becomes a necessity, e-commerce logistics is yet again gaining in importance and is rightly regarded as one of the industries well-positioned to survive and even...
A truly paperless operation
Article published on: Apr 2020
Category: Opinion
Every week Qstep is posting in LinkedIn some takeaways from yet another week of COVID-19 quarantine gone by. Software systems which digitize not only communication and data exchang...
How to reconcile e-commerce with air cargo
Article published on: Mar 2020
Category: Opinion
Originally published in LinkedIn on 18 March, 2020. (Due to current coronavirus pandemic, prices and capacity situation has changed, so has the overall market condition. COVID-19 i...
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Category: News
On February 19 , Air Cargo Cooperation Estonia (ACCE100) held a workshop at the Tallinn Airport featuring speakers from SEB, JD.COM and Thinnect. SEB Innovation Lab co-founder mr. ...
kuva Mika in Tallinn 2020
Category: News
Tallinn air cargo community kicked off 2020 with Finnair cargo digitization project manager Mika Leppanen visiting Air Cargo Collaboration Estonia to demonstrate how Finnair digiti...
Category: News
(first published in LinkedIn on January 08, 2020) Why care about digital journey of air cargo? There are no evil or invisible forces trying to put a brake on going digital. In fact...
Visit to Finnair COOL Nordic cargo hub
Article published on: Dec 2019
Category: Uncategorized
On 4 December, Qstep together with other members of Estonian Aviation Cluster, has visited Finnair COOL Nordic Cargo hub or simply “COOL Terminal” in Helsinki-Vantaa in...